3awtani encore merci bcp

Hello… I know this is a bit of French and Moroccan, but please translate.

3awtani encore merci bcp

one more… “gros bisous” = many kisses?

i think it means big kisses

Ahhh, thank you! And the one before that?

3awtani encore merci bcp = again more thak you so much

so 3awtani is the combination of 3awd tani which means 2nd time, yak???

yes lalla :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very helpful :slight_smile:

feel free to ask juanito :wink:

yes yes juanitoto always ask, never feel shy, we don’t like shy people, we like people who have no shyness, no shame, no adab, no manners… ok? always ask. :smiley:

just say “lalla aisha” … that summerizes all that crap :^^:

which lalla aisha? :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not your… is it? :smiley:

don’t provoke me ya3am!!!

shut up … u know i was talkin about u :^^:

shut up … u know i was talkin about u :^^:

spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam hhhhhh

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u want me to delete one of them or you’d rather it stay so u can have more posts? :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha u started playin dirty hhhh no no delete them both :stuck_out_tongue:
i can reach u without this wuahahahhaha

shutup you’re lucky i’m even sharing with you the business secrets… the only thing im worried about is that the owner of the thread will get 2938737373 emails because of our posts

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ithink welfouna safi :stuck_out_tongue: