3awenni 3afak...

Salaam to everyone,

Just one phrase please…

Mkhassem m3aya? wache weliti ikhewani? Also, is “chenou” the same as “Ashnu” meaning “What?” just spelled differently? 3andi lhuqq?


mkhasm m3ya ? meens are you in a mood with me/not talking to me/upset with me :slight_smile:
wech wliti ikhewani ? meens have you become … (sorry didnt know what ikhewani meens)
and yup chnu is the same, it meens what, just people write it differently :slight_smile:
and 3ndi lhuqq meens im right/ive got a point :slight_smile:

@ Lella Ita: Shukran bezaff! One question, “mkhassem” is this a verb or adjective? I tried to look up this word before posting, but could not

find it anywhere. Or if you could give me the root letters of this word (without the pronoun/object pronoun attachments) as I am still learning

the grammatical structure on how to form sentences. I was asking “3andi lhuqq?” for someone to clarify (ana araf hadi lkelma means:)

Shukran sahbi.

Could “ikhewani” mean “my brother”? Fos7a has a meaning close to that. Not sure if it fits in context

kh-ss (saad not siin)-m

here it is a noundjective…it says ‘the one who is adversarial’ using 1 word…the root & the grammatical rule of putting ‘m’ with the root 2 create this form come from fusha…sorry that’s all i can specify

i know it is tough 4 me too but we should try 2 think about arabic grammar not from an english grammatical view, but if you can, as its own system…these ideas noun, adjective, aren’t from arabic…in arabic there is ism, fa’il, 7arf, and then you go from there. i will find you something to read if you are interested hang on.


pretty good 1


@Achmenfar9: Shukran bezafffffffffffffffff! This site is so helpful! Just what I needed, a simple explanation:)

well … moroccan dialect/language has its own grammar, different that standard arabic grammar … just so u know
mkhassem m3aya means like how Lella Ita explained it … in this context it’s used as a verb, its derived from ??? (khaasama)

spelling differs according to the moroccan’s accent, been lately to Tangier and heard people say shenu and shenni so i’m assuming people in the north say shenu, the rest of the Moroccans say Ashnu

waash welliti = did you become
ikhwani = moroccans use this word to refer to religious people … so she is asking him if he has become a religious person

@ sahir1:: yeah Ikhwan means brothers but ikhwani (with I in the end) means sth else … no need to bore you with the historical background of this word :slight_smile:

@ achminfar9:: thanks for the beautiful link … if there is any other sites about arabic grammar then link me

Wont get bored. Just love the language after studying it so many years. My trip to Morocco just
stunned me as to how different fo7ha and darija are. Just glad to find a place where I can learn


I agree with Sahir1, I won’t get bored either. I enjoy learning the language so much that I try to devote at least an hour everyday. I plan to visit Casa this summer, so the forum in addition to grammar books, Youtube, and TV (2M), I should have a pretty good foundation. There’s always something new to learn, so I never get bored!

@HeavyGuest: hadi tterzhama 3awenni bezaff. Shukran.

@Achmenfar9: Any other sites that you can suggest would be helpful…send me a link!

@Spice18, im glad that I could help :smiley: