what does 3wacher mean?
Moroccans always say
mabrook 3leik el 3awacher in the beginning of ramadan.

i’m not moroccan but i’m just making an assumption that; 3wacher probably has a link to the word 3ashoora, though i’m just guessing. Let’s see what the others say

Every religious holiday/occasion is called “3washer” , though 3washer does not mean “holiday at all” (as far as i know)

& also as far as i heard, “3washer” comes from “3awwa2 'sharr” = screaming/crying of the evil : a woman that cries a lot that she brings curse & bad luck !! <-- i’m not positive of the meaning, nor of the explanation, that’s what an uncle of mine said once.

he also said it has sth to do with 3ashora2, because those crying women has sth to do with the death (martyrdom) of Hussein son of Ali (the grand son of Mohammad peace be upon him.

About 3ashora2: Shia muslims (& they are 15%) celebrate the day as a day of sadness, pain & torture, while we Sunnis (85%) simply work & fast 2days (optional) as the Prophet said.

SO i assume by what you have stated, it is MUCH MUCH better to simply say Ramadan Kareem/Ramadan Mabrouk or Eid mubarak/Mabrouk or whatever the occasion is rather than 3wacher mabrook, since its root meaning is not so pleasant … ?

Right :ok: because even if 3washer means only “3ashra” (ten), it won’t fit, not all occasions are in the 10th of a mounth.

oky doke, thanks peebee :okay: