For those of you who can’t tune their dish properly;
here you can watch a 2M livestream via internet.
Quality is very poor but perhaps you find it useful to brush up your language skills.

Hi maarten

When I try to open this, I get the following message :

Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (mms) isn’t associated with any program.

Any idea what that means and what I can do about it ?
Thanks in advance.

Maarten you’re a legend, thank you so much!

Lise_c, i’m using firefox also but no such problem occured, maybe try opening the link with Internet Explorer. Good luck!

Here’s a good quality live stream[sup]*[/sup] of 2M Monde (the link provided in the previous post doesn’t work anymore).
Did you see the new “yak 7na jiran” iftar sitcom yet? Check out the clip below.
Don’t you just love the (very) shamali accent of actress Maryam Hassouni ?


[small]* You’ll need a browser plug-in to be able to view the livestream which you can download here[/small]