i think the end! :cry: i mean the small signs have already passed now its the big signs that await us so i wouldnt be surprise if this means that the world is coming to an end…ya rabbi!!! :blink:

Allah if the world comes to an end
think abt it
ntohing better wellah

the Q now
how long before that happens?

hahahahahahaha we never know :stuck_out_tongue: maybe tomorrow maybe in a few days or few years or few centuries :smiley:

2012 they say :stuck_out_tongue:
wallahu a3lam

hahahhaha yeah … a lot of civilizations believe in 2012 thing … msaken hhhh

there’s a movie out, my whole fam watched it except for me.

yeah its based on maya’s theory

some ppl actually believe it… :S

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah those who believe that their grandfather is a monkey :stuck_out_tongue:

lollllll exact!


apparently its rubbish thats why im not going to watch it :roll:
but i dont know why ppl have their minds set on the whole 2012 thing as being the end lol would love to see their faces when 2012 comes and goes and nothing happens lol :hap:

just like they thought 2000 would be it
and when all machines got messed up
ppl thought they were in some sorta after life

lolll people look for opportunities to make some drama :wink: