24 Octobre

excuse me,I’ve read someone’s article against this.
He said that the pressure on the site of that day would be low and so FB would benifit, instead why don’t we make groups to correct other’s understandings about Islam.

There is a group called “F*** the Facebook” if they don’t close the group of “f*** islam”.

Oups i meant a group called “F*** Islam”

loool i didnt get u :s so who’s gonna F*** the other ???

@ gigi
yes true but u know : man ra2a minkom monkarane fal yoghayirho … ila akhiri l7adith .

Haha nvm

yeah I know, okay I hope this will really do sth and change their misunderstanding and their attitude towards us!!

looooollll no
mate7lamich awy

so we turned to my point! what about groups explaining our true Islam? no need for more Fs on each other, because our religion calls for tolerance… just lets see what they think about us and correct these misunderstanding views, as a kind of reply/replies (like those who do vids replying against Fitna)

no use ! you’re talking abput stone minds ! u can try to all the time to convice them.
those type of people are the type that refuses to look into the matter, all they do is to stick an idea in thier heads & then go on with every possible way to defend it, & “the” way is often making fun at people without any understood purpose.

Islam is violent means islam is violent & full stop, u can quote to them all the verses that talk about war & show them that it’s clearly with rules, & it’s always self defence. they’ll quote to u again a verse that according to them is teaching violence…

u know that gut who produced the movie “fitna” (obsession), in the movie he’s quoting Quranic verses, but he’s showing only half of the verse so he can twist the meaning to make it mean what he wants.

stone minds.

yeah m7moud, if making groups would change nothing, so that boycott would it cause any hopeful results?!

I don’t think so, the last thing they care about is the muslims boycotting their sites.

yeah I guess exactly so…

yes but boycotting is in our benifit … atleast we r gonna know that there r still muslims who cares …

ok, just read that on FB (didnt know b4) that the boycoot is going to be 3 days, starting form 24th
I do hope it would make sth, thou I guess!!

looolll well im not bocottin … i have a lot of business in FB :stuck_out_tongue:

rebbi rebbi (was that right?)

[Mad, listen to the 1st track of grini’s nu album: dedicated 4m me 2 u] :sick:

loool yeah that was right
but which song ???

the very 1st one. (baraka, dont make me mingle music discussions in a religious thread more than that :P)

looooolllll that means that music is not compatible with ur religion ? so why r u listening to that grini
if u cant discuss what he’s singing fi mandour dini