200 DH to prove Epistemology

:mdr: :mdr: :mdr: this is how phylosophers earn living in Morocco.

Hassan el fedd: best Moroccan comedian :ok:
the scene from an episode of the serie “chanili TV” (if u don’t understand, sorry that’s ur problem xxxxDDDD )


lol 3ajibni bzaf hassan elfed

l3azzz pb

loooooool u understood it :smiley:

here’s more Chanili TV from 7asan l fed, & 10 min of hilarius news.


if u r interested, the whole serie is on youtube just type “chanili tv episode xx” i think they’re 30 episode cuz it was a Ramadanic serie.

Hassan el Fedd!!! Woot (:


sir? awldi di hadek maticha diyal chi blad :smiley: lol

w had styla, fih lma, yb9a hna? ydarbou lbard haha