20 Fevrier

I am very curious… What does everyone think about the events of February 20th in Morocco? How do you all feel about the wave of revolutions through North Africa and the Middle East coming to Morocco?

well, I went out there downtown casablanca on the 26. it was a sunday and there was a crowd of about couple of thousands downtown. it was peacefull, plenty of cops and not one altercation between the 2 sides. it was a beautiful site. unfortunatly it was not the case in other cities. these guys were asking for an independent justice system, a “real” constitutional monarchy, (more) political freedom and the instauration of the amazigh langage along side of arabic as the official language of morocco…

I’m worried, I just read that another demonstration is going on right now in morocco and that a lot of people have been hurt. Living in Sweden but having 50% of my family down there living in Rabat, I’m afraid that things well get out of hand just like in the other northern african countries. Of course I want a better life for the people there, but change takes time unfortunatly if the ones in power want to stay in power, and if it’s a violent process it’s even worse.

I truly dont think we should worry about it but be very happy about what is actually happening in Morocco. we were the first ones to complain about the low level of education and political implication of the youth in Morocco. see what is happening: the political conscience is emerging and thts a great thing intellectually speaking, it just proves tht the Moroccan people is so mature and feels strong enough to revendicate some more rights. I dont know if it wil lead to a real revolution in Morocco, i dont think its actually the aim of it but of course…every change (especially POLITICAL change) is to be made in blood. History showed it to us too many times unfortunately… lets hope tht the king will be intelligent enough to avoid it. he has everything to win to keep on being peaceful if he wants to enter the economical union with Europe…he is on the verge to enter it by the way. strategically he is not supposed to do anything against those demonstrations… if he is intelligent of course and if he trusts in his watan.

I’m against Feb20th movement.

So do i.

very interesting topic. @Dafir and Paperbird what is your reason to be against the movement? just to have another perspective :slight_smile: