2 songs i know that contain darija :)

Here are two songs hope you like them.
they are ,respectively, Kom Igen- Outlandish, and bezzaf - (I don’t know who someone tell me pls)


you’ll have to wait till the end of the song to hear the Darija :smiley:


Bezzaf Isam cool song lol but whose the singer?? :hm:

when I find bumpy i’ll post it inshallah

I listen to Kom Igen earlier, but I didn’t get to the last Moroccan part, I only heard “râsî kay7rqnî” in the beginning.
As for the second song, it’s not Issam’s :blink:. It’s Bzzaf by Sophia El Marrikh, she was in star academy. (I don’t think that she has a video clip)


In your video, I noticed that Issam was wearing a tee of “almo2âmara alkobrâ”. Isn’t that a tv show? They were in it?
And wow, in that picture where Waqas changed his look (cut his hair and shaved his bear)d, I hardly recognized him.

Yes that’s because you watched the video clip version but the one I posted here is the one with the Darija at the end performed by sala7 eddine :slight_smile:

Thanks for that :slight_smile:
But I know it’s not Isam’s!! :mad:

As for the TV show I don’t know maybe :smiley: , but I also saw them wearing t shirts with “boycott israel” “Peace” “??? ???” plus the one you see in kom igen :wink: other things too…

Yes that was waqas’s “old” look and I think he looked better then.
But Isam looks better with a beard I guess :wink:

Indeed, I watched the video clip version. I supposed Salah Eddine is the guy singing in Danish? He is a new one.

“Kom igen” sounds cool as a sentence, very smooth.

Talking about cloths, I had checked elmoro4life.com, and saw some photos of the band. There was one where Issam was wearing a Moroccan dress (fouqiyya) and Waqas was wearing a Pakistani one. That looked nice.

this has very little to do with the rest of the thread, but i have to say that i love outlandish!
i’m just excited to find other people who know them, because most people i know (here in the US) have never heard of them. it’s such a shame, because i feel like their music has a very good message that a lot of people here could really benefit from.

i love aicha
i know it’s originally by cheb khaled - but outlandish’s video protrays for me something deeper than khaled’s… like love and respect for all women, not just romantic love. i may be imagining this (i don’t quite understand the french in khaled’s version, and i don’t understand some of the references in outlandish’s video), but it is a very sweet and meaningful video to me.

and my other favorite is “i only ask of god”

Yes this one

and this one

Here’s the Palestinian Isam :smiley:

Hi magnolia thanks for your post i’m glad to find another fan like me here!!

I love them too they’re my favorite :^^: