2 short sentences into moroccan pls

hi @ all, I’m glad I’m here!

can someone please translate these two sentences into moroccan:

  1. you are good-looking (said by a woman to a man)
  2. many kisses to you (said by a woman to a man)



Hello Cristina, and welcome aboard :).

A “funny” way, and kind of slang: rak bogos.

You’re looking for a Moroccan translation, but there truly is not any equivalent for that in Darija. It just would sound silly to say bôsa (kiss) in the end of a mail for example.

I hope that this makes your questions answered :).

Thank you soooo much, rak bogos sounds really cool :slight_smile:

Have a good day

You know, bogos comes from French (beau gosse).

And you’re most welcome. :slight_smile: