10 things Muslims find scarier than Halloween

haha, it’s wack & trueee


just watched it yesterday haha
i love the dad part haha

mmm i like the part when the cell rings in the masjid thats why i never take it lol

haha thats soo true and its embarrasing lol

yes i know soo embaressing specialy the music part

my godness id rather to die or to be in that position

haha lol true lol

about a ringing cellphone loooool

thanks hun … :slight_smile:

But about dad … I didn’t understand :huh:

Touta, dads can sometimes be scary and mean :wink: but deep down inside they’re softer than cotton balls :smiley:

lol aha… they just want some respect from their children
and they think if they ll look at you with so mad face you ll be sooo good one :stuck_out_tongue:

hhahahhahaa once we were in the mosque while we were prayin a phone rang :smiley: and the music was " a7ibbak aaah aaahh assibak laaaaaaa ‘’ loooll by nancy ajram :smiley: ofcourse i laughed :stuck_out_tongue: and the problem is the guy was tryin to shut down the phone but he couldnt hhhhh and finally when we finished the salat everybody wanted to kill him …they were so furious … where is him ?? hhhhh he got out before the salat has finished :smiley: … smart hein ?

lool maybe Mad was that guy with ringing phone ? :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahah no no i swear it wasnt me … i dont listen to nancy … maybe Lady Gaga hhhh

LMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO!! :rofl: lol thats hella embarrassing LOl esp if he couldnt cut it off in time lol if u did play Lady GaGa ‘just dance’ or sth just imagine what that would result in LOL :wink:

haahhahaha or po po po po po poker face heheheheh thats hillarious … i imagine everybody dancin in the mosque and the Imam with his mic yellin COME ON NIGGAS

hmmmm dont want to imagine that :huh: thats would be soo wierd

yeaaah so weird but funny :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for sharing, LA. You’d think at first that it was baba ali’s voice.

notice everybody, we now KNOW that mini and samu have on their ringtones INAPPRPOPRATE music hhhhhhh tefda7tou girls

I wouldn’t imagine the above described scene either, not funny

lol goshh

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL and imagine if someone walked in and saw what was happening in front of them LOOOOL :blink:

duuuude if he is not muslim he is gonna convert immediatly :stuck_out_tongue: