1. what does 'zjradi' mean

2. morkabi

thanks! =x

u mean Jradi without the first Z ??? well if it is jradi it means gardens

morkabi = a girl with big legs

hhahaaha @ morkabi … wow darija is so specific with describing people ya Allllah

hahahahaa morkabi xD Oke thank you very much xx

Morakbi? I have never heard that word. Is it region-specific?
We native speakers have also a lot to learn from each other.
Morakbi… I would have thought that it’s rather an Egyptian word.

It’s morkabi DL not morakbi :smiley:

Morkabi morkabi morkabi morkabi morkabi…
Wait, where does that word even come from? Madridista, you can take the floor.

loolll u know what is rkabi ??? the plural of rokba ( a knee )
so “mo” which comes from “oum” (a mother or in this case the owner of )
and the whole word gives mo-rkabi = a girl or a woman with big legs , and yes i didnt say big knees coz i know what do moroccans mean with morkabi :smiley:

and aaaaaaaaaaaallllll this if it’s what freak means loooolll

it is a song
he says >> Shofo zina morkabi, deyra gelit trabbi? ?? xD

Oh, so you meant mmo rkabi, not morkabi as a one word. I would of course have known what mmo rkabi means if said or written correctly. I thought it was something else I didn’t know about.

I doubt though that a singer would sing to a girl and tell her a mmo rkabi loollll.

Freak, do you have a link to the song?

DL , i have a se7rawi friend and we r all lookin at a girls 's a** or b*** , the guy goes ohhh my god look at her rkabi looooolll
they know if a girl is pretty from her rkabi , so this is why this singer yemken use mmo rkabi

Hold on right there, imma going to call LA the friendly moderator to deal with your post.


yess :


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freak do u agree with me :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah juppsss

darija lover & MAdridista thankyouu!

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what was that do3a?? Allahumma la to2akhidna… yeah, i reckon.

btw ***** isn’t anything bad, chill bleeease

hahahahha LA
la to2akhidna bima fa3ala sofaha2o minna :stuck_out_tongue:
and u cant report it deaaaar :smiley: i didnt say anything 3ib , la 7aya2a fi din :smiley:

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duuuude dont take every word i say with its real meaning , we r just in virtual world :smiley: