1 translation pls

can somebody please help with this translation? thanks so much!
tal gyabek yagzali…raki tawalti flgorba.
a chokraan a ziiiiiiin.
wtantwachchak ktar mnayen tankoun fl magreb. yla bgiti tayteli hadi nmarti hna…

you been away for long time my dear , you been long in the forgein country
thank you sweety
i miss you more than being in morocco , if you wnat to call me that my number

Just a quick reply:

you’ve been long away, you’ve been living with alienation for a long time
thank you beautiful
I miss you a lot, more than when I went to Morocco
If you want to call me, here is my phone number…

Thank you Zack and Loubna. My only correction:

And I am missing you more than when I stay in Morocco.

@ Zack:
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1st : I think It’s I miss you more, Not I am missing you more!

2nd: mnayen tankoun fl magreb … ya3ni when I’m in Morocco
ou when I stay in Morocco, hiya mni tanb9a fl maghreb
rah kayen fare9 mabinathom, ou kolla Jomla 3andha ma3na dyallha, machi bhal bhal!

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thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

There is a difference between tw77shtk and kantw77shk. The second shows that the verb is continuous… “I am missing you”!
As the verb is continuous, it didn’t sound right to me to write “I am missing you more than when I am in Morocco”. So the second part of the sentence, being in Morocco, has also to show a certain continuity in time. That’s why I thought that saying “when I stay in Morocco” is better chosen.
—> But that’s because I read the sentence as: wtantwachchak ktar mn mlli tankoun fl magreb. Or any other way that sounded to me like if the person is saying that he misses the girl now that he is elsewhere, more than how he used to miss her in Morocco. Being abroad makes feelings and nostalgia more intense, that is.

Anyways, you’re absolutely right, now that I read the sentence carefully, it means as you said: And I miss you even more when I am in Morocco.

Thanks, Loubna. :slight_smile: