What does it make you think of?

possible >> dreams

Dreams >> night

night = dark

dark >> angel

[Dark Angel the series]

Angel = white

white = snow!

… talking of snow, while I was walking yesterday I saw that snow’s tops are almost as high as the house!! Seriously, we’re having a special winter. It hasn’t snowed like this for ages. I like snow though, especially when I do not have to shovel it :^^:

snow = cold

You are having snowy winter, we are having sun, but we need rain in this time…

Cold = shiver.

It’s hot in here indeed, it already feels like summer.

shiver = spine

Can’t wait for summer to arrive… I’d like to do some bicycle and other stuff outdoors! I like winter, though it’s too long…

spine>> human

Human >> Earth.

earth = planet

planet — environment

environment - nature

nature = mountain

Mountain = high

I like moutains, and I like to be on the top and to see the horizon… so magical

high - ambitions

Ambitions > Future.

Future >>> Unknown.

Unknown>>> Fear