salam , moroccan-movies download

hi everybody ,
anyone can tell me pleas how i can download moroccoan movies , from the internet ,
i use bittorent …
thanks , by the way nice forum …

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I’m looking too, but I’ve never found any movie on torrent.

I downloaded some in dialectal arabic, but mostly algerian ones.

However, I must have some taking place in Morocco. I will lool for, but I own a lot DVD and they’re not sorted out…

And how to share them with you ? I don’t use the newsgroups.

You can watch “Babel” witch action goes partially by in the Atlas.

I will look for my movies and tell you more very soon…

Je cherche depuis des années et je n’ai jamais rien trouvé en torrent.

J’ai téléchargé quelques films en maghrébin sur emule ou ailleurs, mais c’est le plus souvent des films algériens.

Cependant, je dois en avoir quelques-uns qui se passent au Maroc. Je chercherai mais j’ai beaucoup de DVD et ils ne son pas classés… Et je ne vois pas comment vous en faire profiter, je ne vais pas sur les newsgroups…

Dans le film Babel, une partie de l’histoire se passe dans l’Atlas et les dialogues ne sont pas doublés. Je ne sais pas si c’est du berbère ou de la Darija, je ne faisais pas la différence lorsque j’ai vu le film. Ceci dit, c’est un excellent film.

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I am not a used user to torrent, so I am not sure if what I am about to suggest is helpful.

  • - A list of Moroccan movies. If not working for download from Edonkey, at least you got the titles.
  • This one, is even more interesting. You can watch movies online, or at least start watching to have an idea and then look for the movie on torrent as you have the titles. The titles on this website are more familiar to me.
  • Use the keywords “film marocain” (Moroccan movie". Not many results on mininova, but at least there is the movie Ali Zaoua, that’s an interesting one.
  • In this subforum, you’ll find many movies for download, but some threads are just for movie requests, so you’ll have to look around for links.

That’s it for a start, check those and let me know if you find what you’re looking for. And if you have doubts about a movie, just let me know about it.

I hope this helps.

oh thanks both …
yes i know mininova , but they dont have to many movies ( i mean arabic ones)
and i ll try the other one wher i can watch online …
thanks again .

you have moroccan movies/series/music that u can watch online :

Have you tried

Nope, i’ll have a look @ it now :slight_smile: