Looking for father Abdul Abuijad

Iam living in England lam 37 years old half Polish half Maroccan.My father met my mum while studying to fly planes in Poland about 38 years ago 1985 l assume.He never knew she was pregnant as she lost contact with him and move back with parents.He was writing letters but my gran burned them and his address was lost.She just recently told me the truth and l know he was from Casablanca and as lam not familiar with Moroccan name hi is Abdul Abu Ijad or Abdul Abuijad or something familiar.I wish to find him but l know is not gonna be easy task with so little information.My mum name was Teresa O. she was 19 then.Thak you for help in advance :slightly_smiling_face::relaxed:My name Judyta

Thank you all as lam left to muself and no help