kan9dem lik

dude i only used capitals because i was excited… im not yelling…wakha?

excited hein :smiley: !!!
ok no harm hhhhhhhhhhhh

english excited, not the french one… you %^$%$%&**()(&^%$%^&(&^%$%^&


hhhhhhhhhh duuude chkon jbed the french one :open_mouth: ??? i was talkin 3la the english one :^^:
u have a dirty brain a zin

nooooo i dont, i was just trying to predict what you’re thinking because you were so surprised, u’re such a snake, u make me look like the guilty one now 7aram 3lik :fouet: hhhh

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok ok kans7ebha :stuck_out_tongue:

ps- stop postin duuude i cant beat u like that :roll:

hhhhhhhh ok nkhallas






:ball: <— that was an invitation for a match, don’t tell me u don’t wanna play soccer… ooooor u’re embarrassed coz u play like your equipe nationale xD


:bounce: <== and that was an invitation to dance with me :stuck_out_tongue: and dont tell me u dont know how to dance hhhhh no aint talkin about that stupid turkish dance i mean real dance hihihihi

loooooool kolbasti is the only dance i know, and its not even dance, its just some crazy leg movements… lmohim i don’t dance, especially in public & in front of males wthhhh

and no i’m not an extremist

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ofcourse u r not :slight_smile:
u r a terrorist now

great, and the first thing i’ll blow up is your apartment. for now, im just learning how to put the wires of a bomb together

loooooooollll ohhh plz do it :stuck_out_tongue: thats the only way that i can get in the heaven lol

the only reason i won’t do it is because that elevator woman lives there, and i respect people who love each other so i will let you two live your life and then i’ll bomb u the day she divorces you