hi to everybody

hello my name is amin . and Im 22 years old . and living in london at the moment .
so I’m not her to learn darija , i just wanna talk to someone who can speak it .
so if any one wants to meet for a coffe , pleas let me know .
nice forum , i love it

mar7ba bik Amin :slight_smile:

mar7ba biiik:)

Hello Amin, and welcome to SpeakMoroccan. Amin is an Arabic name, did you know?
I am not sure any native speaker from the forum is living in the UK. If you can tell me what you need exactly, I might be able to help, or at least guide you to find help.

mr7ba bik Amin! :welcome:

tanks simplemoroccan ,
i dont need help with the languege , my mother is moroccan , and i speak verywell darija , and some arabic .
i just wont to make a new frined or someone to have somtimes a coffe with , and talk ,.

(of couse i know wher my name come from ,jajaja )

I don’t know why I thought that you probably weren’t Moroccan at all :hap:, while you are actually a native.
I’ll PM you.

it’s fine , you’re the first one to tell me that .

:welcome: :slight_smile:

I live in Houston, we have lots of Moroccans here. They even started their own organization, several times a year families gather together for picnics, men play soccer, wives (all different nationalities) socializes, kids get to play with each other. They play traditional music. During Eid they always have iftars - really good way to keep Moroccans in touch with each other. You should be able to find something similar in London, I’m sure bunch of Moroccans there:) I can find lots of people to practice my language, but I’m a beginner in learning Darija so it will take time before I will be looking for someone to have conversations with:)

you are so lucky! Here in France, people are affraid of communautarism!!! It seems to be really different in USA and UK.

Of course, in countrysides and suburbs people meet together thanks to their way of life (less stressed, more time) but in Paris this is more difficult! (work hours and time of transport )

I think Moroccan community and by the way muslims should gather for activities and socialize together too.
without segragation for as much.