going to marry Moroccon Girl!

Salam to all,
dear i am pakistani and i live and work in Abu dhabi. i like one morocan girl and she toooooo. she invited me to morocco and talk to her parrents.! i am confused! help me out. and also tell me comments on this marriage? please …

  • I replied you on the other thread -

uh huh ! so you’re Pakistani, now the picture got a lil bit clearer, here’s my e-mail again:

as i said, add me & we’ll discuss more details.

Forgot to tell u there; not the type who takes fees for such services.

Hay thanks for reply dear sorry i just came back to this site after long now. sorry i see your post just now. thanks dear for your post surely i am going to add you and i will be in contact with you in evening today

If you want to know what you need to do on the legal side of things, just send me a message…