Game: Yes or No?

yea i do! :smiley:
do u like tanning?

Yes …when i dont burn!!! lol

Do you like to have fun, fun fun?

yes :smiley:

do you like studying ?:neu:

do u like jumping?

do you like popcorn ?

ohh YES!

do u like capuccino?

yesss :smiley:

do you like chocolate chip cookies ? :smiley:

luv them! you guys should try starbuck cookies

Do u like facebook-ing?

not really…

(i miss you marocrulz ki dayra??)

do you like winter?

yeaaah, theres nothing like grabbing chai or ka7wa and sitting in front of the heater with a book to read in winter.

are you a vegetarian?

Yes, but more precise I’m vegan.

Have you ever been to Paris?

No not yet.

do you like chocolate better than vanilla?


Do you like apples?

Yessss juicy red ones :smiley:

Do you like dark chocolate?

YES!!! I only eat dark chocolate, but not too dark.

Do you like snow?

(i Love dark chocolate too)

No i don’t like snow.

Do you have road rage?


Do you like this:

[youtube][/youtube] ?

not really.

do u like rai?


Do you like to dance?

I don’t want to sound dull… but what’s a ro…roa… road page?

@ Nuwwara:
I LOVE that video! Cute songie! It’s the first thing I listened to this morning, and it’s really cool! Different languages sounds really cool combined together. Some of them sounds really good!
I liked another multilingual cartoon video you posted. Thank you for sharing.